I started my journey in answering people’s questions on Quora for about half a year now. Quora allows me to learn valuable things from other quorans. The plateform also gives me a place to share my technical knowledges to others. So far, I have answered 99 questions on Quora. Most questions are technical with wide variety of topics, such as Web Development, JavaScript, Software Engineering, Computer Science, Java, Algorithms, and Technology. In the future, I am planning on answering more questions on Quora in order to help others as well as reading other amazing answers from other quorans. Today, I would like to share some of my stats in Quora.

PoAn (Baron) Chen Quora stats

All my 99 questions combined, there are in total of 37600 unique views with upvotes of 143 and 5 shares.

Top 3 of my most viewed answers are,

Feel free to check them out if you are curious about the answer that I wrote.

In addition, I also have a total of 17 followers.

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